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by on January 5, 2019

The most ridiculous nature of a human being is - they are scared of looking at the mirror. We the human being are the best in judging others keeping every single person under the same umbrella no matter how much unaware we are of other people. We are the best advisors for others without scrutinizing our own behavior. It's quite interesting as well when people can drag lots of negative examples which are not even in coherence with a particular situation. Probably the best thing to not to be a part of this wonderful human nature is to serve our creator not our society! We are so busy in running after the race that we forget the meaning of our life. We keep comparing ourselves with one another whereas almighty himself has given us individual identity. Therefore who are we actually to impose and control other people's lives? Strange!! I heard an amazing saying "whatever happens do not hurt others' and do not hurt yourself for others as well" - and thus this saying might be a good learning of life to follow!

Posted in: Art & Literature
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