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by on January 5, 2019

I have an unusual habit of writing to my admirable persons whenever I feel alone in this world. No matter whether those persons are aware of it . It’s just like a matter of   self relaxation for me.  This open letter is to one of the renowned youth representatives of our country and he is also said to be the heart throb of the nation Siam Ahmed.


Let’s not talk about the reasons behind writing a letter to you.   Since the reason is still vague to me;  let’s keep it out of the radius of this writing. First of all,  I started to follow you after watching one of your dance performances in which you just forgot about the whole world and kept enjoying yourself.  You were totally engrossed in your own way and there it triggered me all of a sudden. To be honest, I was not even aware of your name at that time. However, after watching your amazing performance, I started to stream all of your music videos in YouTube.  It took me to the time zone of 90’s dramatic flavor.  I know I am not proficient enough to  judge between the situation of present and past media of our country. Yet again , being a simple and general audience I felt goose bump when I could relate your natural acting to the then period ones.


On a different note, yes I am a great admirer of your work as a whole. To me your most distinguished characteristic is your humbleness towards your fellows. Moreover, so far I have gone through your  interviews, I found them to be right talk at the right time. Your impromptu attitude is  an example  to this generation and to the younger ones as well.  Do you know about  the best part of your acting ? That is nothing but  your Bengali pronunciation. I don’t know whether anyone would believe me; however it’s true that I try to follow the way you speak in Bengali. I think you have already excelled in the most difficult portion of acting by having an amazing pure Bengali accent. Siam, you are an inspiration to all those people who intend to pursuit their dreams no matter from which background they are.  Now if I talk about your career I would say that  a significant point of your life is the combination of education and entertainment. You have marked a footprint which has shown  it is high time that the media  went back to the glorious history when we had remarkable  genius artists in the industry. On that note,  I think you can be considered as a symbol of revival of golden period!


Siam,  I observed another special thing about you as a whole that is your engagement to your audience. You are like completely at your audiences’ service whenever you are dealing with any session or interview.  Well, I have noted another artistic characteristic in you that is the way you look at your co-artists! Strange?  Yes I am talking about your eyes. To me your eyes have a different implicit language  by which you  can talk  with silence. I know it might sound a little bit flattery , still I just expressed what I felt. While writing this open letter, only one thing came to my mind ,“I wish you were much elder than I am!” Since you are almost contemporary to me, typically it sounds to be bewildered! However, a writer is never intimidate to reveal his or her words so am I. As a matter of fact, I believe that  in each and every act you treat a lady like her dream man. It won’t be exacerbating  at all if I say that the  feeling is mutual among most of the ladies! Yes , I am mentioning the word "lady" since  it takes time to  understand definition of love.


Last of all, I have a dream that one day I am going to write a biography on you . I would like to present in my words that what  a person from this generation can do if he listens to his heart and holds the aspiration.  My personal thanks to you Siam for   spreading a positive message  from youth. Take care. Maybe someday I’ll meet you  ,  get to know  regarding your lifestyle and  start writing your biography! Let’s see!


Your admirer


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