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Let’s introduce 21st-centuries successful stories of life, observing happy faces on Facebook and Instagram are the reasons for the frustration of 21st century. The boy who always failed in the school days is starting his corporate life with a chancellor gold medal. The girl who couldn’t pass in college days is getting chance in the top university in the country. Friends are celebrating 31st December in the longest sea beach in the world. Cousins and relatives are going out of the country to celebrate the New Year. Are you thinking?? Why all of these incidents are not happening to you?

When I am posting pictures of my happiness on Facebook, people are assuming or sometimes they are confident enough that the happiness of my life knows no bounds. People are this modern era keeps updates or checking out success stories. How many people know about behind the screen? Those stories can’t be written or we don’t want to share our nightmares.

The person who is posting on social media that he/she is running an online business successfully may have a dying mother at home. Maybe he is running out of money and can’t bear educational expenses. Don’t we know their story? Don’t we can even think that they are going through a critical situation? No one shares bitter truth of life.

The problem is we assume or judge while seeing one side of the coin. We are feeling jealous to see our that friend who is getting the scholarship and preparing to go abroad. What a brilliant result he has done! What a perfect life he is leading!! Do we think that may be from my point of view his life is perfect but from his perspective, his life is not perfect?

We love to do the comparison and most of the time we do compare with better things. Things which we don’t have or things we can’t afford. No one’s life is perfect. What is happiness for me maybe not for others. Life is changing. No one can say what will happen tomorrow.  Let’s hope for winning the tag of happiness!!



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