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Patriarchy has been the norm of human relationships from the commencement of human civilization. Even in the 21st century, the world of today, women are entrapped by male’s domination.

Male dominance is portrayed in our society through a simple conversation of a boy and a girl, together with their body language. In our society, it is noticeable that people normally refer to the male as the man and the female as the girl. The significance of being referred to as a girl instead of a woman is that 'girl' has a dependency and immaturity whereas 'woman' connotes experience and independence. The main point is a girl constantly seeks man's permission and approval. Even for a casual matter, she needs to depend on Man.  Therefore, we can relate this to how women in the twentieth century were deprived from their rights of expressing their mind; they were expected to depend on men.

The idea of male dominance in our society is on a literal level but I do not actually want to stop it and would be happy to spread the essence of these heinous acts of dominance to warn and for making our women’s lives easier. Not only in the 20th century when male dominance in society was very severe, but also in our today’s world it is definitely a worldwide problem. We set a television in front of us to show the dominating attitudes of males towards females. It is like a bioscope where everything is colorful and lovely in an imaginary life; on the other hand, in real life it is very cruel and selfish. Patriarchy itself is something unpleasant and unwanted. Moreover, it is expensive since it costs a lot of women's lifestyles, subjugating them.




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