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Marriage is not only a union between a man and a woman, rather it also unites two hearts. To some extent, it also defines how far a relationship can be successful. In this definition of success, commitment matters a lot. This is true that, human heart is a biological organ that plumps blood throughout the body, but it is something beyond plumping in our life, especially in a married life. Now a day’s people go through harsh experience of their married life. When love demands more than only loving each other from the heart, it can be as destructive as breaking a marriage. People cannot meet up the need of communication with each other, they both are highly ambitious in their approach towards life and most importantly their attempts at becoming global citizens hurt their married bond.

People face lack of communication to a great extent, which possibly pave the way to their failure in marriage. Wife wakes up so early and starts her day without even having a glimpse at Husband. By the time when husband would leave bed, wife would have completed her third cup of coffee. They have their meals separately while doing their respective jobs, do not get bothered about one another if the other person really had the meal or not. Even if they are not busy, they try to pretend doing busy to the best way possible to avoid each other somehow. In fact, it has been so long since they have looked at each other in a cautious way or in a loving way. High ambitions are equally responsible in breaking down relationship. Sometimes, high ambitions to our lives become faulty and take away our means of happiness from us.


Sometimes love needs to be expressed and human being needs to inhale it to the fullest, otherwise some beautiful relationships go in vein without any good reason. Sometimes sharing takes the place of caring for each other which inevitably turns into a vital responsibility to strengthen a relationship between two. Additionally, allowing highest aspiration to become the one only means of leading a life can take the ‘life’ indeed from a soul.

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