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Maisha Tanzim Rahman
by on January 17, 2019

The carefully whipped buttercream adorns the delicious sponge cake edge to edge.The effort poured on the creation, the patience while waiting for the stiff peaks to form, are all small delights of the baker. The experiences which make the journey more beautiful than even the final produce itself.

Spices toasted and blended to give the finest flavour, the meat marinated in fresh paste of pungent garlic and ginger and smoked in the open flame, the rice cooked in chicken stock.Result: The legendary 'Kacchi Biriyani'. 'Aloo Bokhara' (plums) and wholesome pieces of potatoes sneak from  mounds of long-grains and spread a new glee .The thought itself salivates the food-lover's taste buds and fills the heart of the one making it. Each chef has their hereditary secret recipe, maybe addition of milk or omission of  certain spices, the variations and possibilities are endless. The pride of the chef lies in knowing the best of the best preparation, unique to flavour. Aah!The war is on. As the mouth of the container is sealed with soft-dough, the magic begins to work and the wait is long.But it is the wait of celebration.This was just a particular meticulous process of one of the most loved food.


Originally though, our heritage breeds the culture of hot steamed rice and clarified butter with fish as the primary accompaniant. True, the taste of fish from this land is irreplaceable. The traditional hilsha caught and fried with sweet onions and spicy green chilies, or with deep mustard curry, the thought home nurtured so close to our

sentiments. Our roots promote the festival of 'pitha' with the freshly collected 'khejurer rosh' and 'jhola gur' the first thing in a winter morning. The triumph of our culture mainly celebrates itself through its elaborate collection and preparation of the daily meals and seasonal influence on it.

Food is universal consumer necessity. However, it is more than that. Food connects hearts. It brings out your soul,connects to random strangers, connects to a stranger's land.The art of food is in sharing, in preparing it, learning it like your mother tongue and expressing it like personality. There are so many people suffering from depression, identity crisis, and haunted by frustration. Though, not very popular in our country, many of them use food therapy to cope. In fact, it is quite heard, that cooking helps to deal with stress since the process requires concentration directed in one action. This helps to deal with anxiety and restlessness and clears the thinking process.The effect multiplies when this is shared.Imagine, in the morning of Eid or the eve of Christmas, if the food you made all day, with so much love and care is shared, the happiness it brings to the deprived people or to your loved ones, the moment is priceless.


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