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Abdul  Hasib
by on January 20, 2019

She doesn't have a clean skin, 

Nor is as fair as the snow.

A freckled face she has and

Fatigue makes her oily skin glow. 


She can't pose like a model ,

Nor has a body filled with lust . 

Tries to dress a bit trendy but

Modesty and decency is a must. 


She doesn't use heavy makeup,

nor has beautiful legs or arms , 

But has those eyes of a deer 

Full of pure love and charms. 


She doesn't write so well but

Sweetens me by her lovely voice. 

Doesn't use any perfume but

Her smell becomes my choice. 


She's not a blonde but

Her hair rouses envy in girls.

Doesn't have pretty teeth but 

Her smile shines like pearls. 


She often does mistakes but

Cares my every little thing.

Never fails to amend and

To my love, she adds the zing.


She can't sing well but loves to dance,

 Always impresses me, if gets a chance.  

She is ordinary yet of a rare kind,

Has a good heart and a beautiful mind.


She's not someone highly expected,

But wherever goes she, is respected .

She's a human and nothing like a fairy, 

I'm the luckiest as she's whom I'll marry.  


Posted in: Art & Literature
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