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For Tahseen Nur, passion for the work of Art knows no bound, no wonder his drawings are indeed spectacular and unique. He is an amazing artist who does wonders with the Pen and Pencil when he draws, he tries to capture the characters of his subjects; capturing every single detail so people can thoroughly understand what his drawings explain. Seeing his work you will but have no option than to love it!

He is a realistic Artist who uses Pen, graphite pencil, and charcoal pencil to draw. He took his time to develop himself from early age, on what he loves doing and can't live without. He is an inspiration! He dedicates his time, persistence, love and passion for not only art but also he loves to play football, love story books, and explore new places.


The talent has got what it deserved. His hours of dedication have finally paid off. He has won and become the Winner of Eucatastrophe's Inking about You Art Competition (2018) and the Winner of Fearless Strokes Wall Art Competition (2017) .Besides; he is the Runner up of DNCC Shaatrasta Wall Art Project (2017)



The dream to participate in different exhibition in this stream and to become a young renowned artist is the ultimate goal of Tahseen Nur. Regardless, he is thankful for following his artistic journey where his goal is to discover own style and voice!





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