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A Nonprofit organization which is constantly working to train and develop disables people to make them job fit or prove them as definitely able. Yes, we are talking about Admaya Foundation.

Admaya Foundation and Marico are jointly organizing the second part of the Marico-Adamya program; the training session on “Functional skill on Call Centre Operations and Fundamentals of IT Literacy with Applications”

 The 8 days training session has taken place at Mohakhali UY Lab and the trainers are Md. Maksudur  Rahman, Md.  Azizul Bari and Masudul Haque


"Trainingpeople" has designed the sessions while "B- scan' & CRP are helping to find the right people to receive the training opportunity.

After completing the training, the selected trainees will be placed for jobs in suitable call centres. Under "Marico-Adamya program” there were 20 students of Dhaka Bodhir High School were trained for merchandising and the qualified trainees were given jobs in Marico Bangladesh. In the 2nd phase of "marico adamya program” there are 18 trainees who are learning the ins and outs of call centres and hoping to qualify to get a job after the training.

On 31st january, 2019 at UY Lab, Mohakhali: there was a closing and certificate  giving ceremony of the 2nd phase of Marico Adamya Program. 

We hope Marico and Admaya's joint effort will bring some good in our society and good in the life of our Adamyas.

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