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Maisha Tanzim Rahman
by on February 21, 2019


They live amongst us, like us, yet somehow, we are better and bolder. We deserve equality and they are degraded, we deserve respect and they are the cause of shame. Like, most human beings, they desire love, attention, sense of belonging, but for them to even think of basic survival necessities, is illegal. They belong to different race, culture, country and form a separate community as a transgender one. A brother, a sister, a guardian, but their only identity is restricted to their gender.

 Among glares of disapproval, they make their presence, often responsible of violence. Behind the mask of make- up and jewelry, they hide their scars and pain. They are run down by the law enforcers, treated like criminals sometimes even by their own families.

 Let us just forget their unspecified sex. What is the crime that they are paying for? What if the pretty girl, or the handsome man you like to take picture with, were in treated in this manner? They might have their own secrets, too ashamed to share or come out in light.

 When asked to a larger population, the most common explanation is that they feel threatened, so the violence is an attempt at self-defense. Often, we forget, the threat we feel, is the tremor of terror we spread. According to a recent survey, one out of four transgender people have been assaulted.  The attacks are mostly targeted to people of color.  The taboo that tags along with the trans name follows them till death. Their bodies are not paid the last rites, their identity is invalidated as men and women. Often, their existence on earth is erased. For murder cases often the predators escape, since nobody can identify the person with the documents provided. In many states, they are not allowed to update the gender or claim their rights when seeking accommodation or healthcare facilities.  

To deny someone of their identity only because it is convenient for others to accept, to deny the right to discussion about the trans community, to fuel the taboo, we are snatching the right of a living being.  The inhumanity is on a vivacious rise. The staggering climb needs to be stopped.  The truth cannot be changed with persistent ignorance. They are not at fault, so it is time we stop blaming them for it.

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