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Maisha Tanzim Rahman
by on February 23, 2019

Every year the preparation of 21st February begins long before the dawn of “Mongol Shovajatra”. With the  commencement of Ekushey Boi Mela, stalls book up about liberation war and the fight to our independence. The  beauty of Bengali words somehow enhance as they depict history in print, from the witness of the time. The culture seems so vibrant and alive, spreading the practice of indulging in books amongst the youth especially. The processions and rallies, walking barefoot to Shaheed Minar( monument in memory of the martyrs) stand as a ceremonial process. But somewhere, the collective mourning of loss is felt overshadowed. Despite all the effort, the individual role to keep the Language in its sacred form is losing the importance. The reason of 21st February, the pain and blood associated with this day certainly needs recognition from each of it’s citizens. After all the sacrifices cannot go in vain.

Our beloved mother tongue was suppressed under will of other dominating linguistics. It’s existence won attention when the people of our land recognized the power it holds. To be able to converse in your own language, the sense of belonging and pride it carries. Bangla has an emotional connection to the blood of ours, for it, blood was shed. Bullets ripped through the body of numerous youngsters. Their courage is unparalleled and so is for the families they had left behind. Their mothers who lived through to see bangla on our lips due to the sacrifice of their womb. We cannot bring them back, but we can safeguard the treasure they brought for us.  

Any feeling of respect, love, hatred, as long as they spark rage in the mindset, as long as the thought sends ripples of pain through the body, will be able to light up dark and bring about change. But if we forget the past, the future will forget it’s existence. They will be deprived of the legacy to such an amazing history with  barely any connection to the roots of bangla. The beauty of its emergence  cannot be lost.

Whatever we are doing recur more of a celebration than a tribute. For any of us belonging to this motherland, the utter freedom of speech in the most majestic language, is a blessing with responsibility. Responsibility of us to protect it,  and flourish in it, keeping it alive and beating within our hearts.


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