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by on March 27, 2019

The photo shows the construction worker with silver coloured eyes with chiselled looks staring intently into the camera.

The photo which has gone viral obtained 24,500 retweets and 68,700 likes since it was posted by AbedenMung on Twitter last Thursday (March 21).

AbedenMung said in his tweet that the photograph was taken at a MRT construction site near Jalan Ipoh.

"First I met him when I was doing a vlog. (I) didn't had the chance to snap because I was filming but today, this morning, he was there again.


"So, I quickly pull out the Pixel 2 XL instead of my other phone, the iPhone XS Max because I was texting on that phone," he tweeted.

He added that he knew it was going to be good shot, as the place had great lighting, the man's clothes were great, and his eyes were a "must be photographed eyes".


Replying to @tkdnxv

So I quickly pull out pixel 2 xl instead of my other phone, iphone xs max bcs I was texting on that phone, i was holding it, iphone atas meja. So, tak sengaja. I know its going to be a good shot sebab lighting tgh on, pakaian dia on, mata dia is a must photographed eyes.

AbedenMung 📸@tkdnxv

And he was very shy. Very, and plus he didn’t really know where to look at, sebab phone kot? Dia nak pandang mana. Berkali2 aku pointkan dkt camera, shot banyak tak on. Until dia betul2 pandang dan dia mengeluh sikit. Pappp! Dapat ni. Isnt he beautiful? pic.twitter.com/logDqZChJ4


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"He was very shy. He didn’t really know where to look at, maybe because this is a phone? I pointed to the camera many times, and many shots were not good. It was only until he truly looked at the camera. I finally got it. Isn't he beautiful?" he tweeted.

Many Twitter users were in awe of the man's chiseled looks.

chimmpeng said the man's eyes was stunning, while Missy Zor-El said the man’s face was beautiful.

"He has amazing bone structure," she tweeted.

DrewWeah said the photograph reminded him of the 1984 National Geographic cover of Sharbat Gula, which was photographed by journalist Steve McCurry.

Sharbat was known as the Afghan Girl with striking green eyes in a red headscarf looking into the camera.

Meanwhile, there were other Twitter users who were impressed with the Google Pixel 2 XL picture quality.

Nisae said: "I'm so dumping my iPhone 6s and getting Google Pixel next lol".

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