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Maisha Tanzim Rahman
by on December 29, 2018


The human mind is a complex enigma. It has the power to create imageries and store it in the backdrop of brain creating memories. Some of which may be haunting, others pleasant. 

  While life is short lived and mostly rushed, the importance of creating memories is actually well beyond recognition.  As we grow up, however, the brain is cluttered with unnecessary thoughts and distress, often losing its clarity to observe and print new images; a practice that honestly should be considered for a change.

  In this age,where expression of thoughts and stating one's opinion is little more than the latest trend,with several platforms available,it is hard to experience anything without prejudice. As a result, when we plan an event or gathering,  we fixate on flaws and shortcoming of others' rather than genuinely enjoying their company; almost always neglecting the fact that we may not remain together after a few years.  A common trait of humans as we never appreciate what we have and regret what is lost. If we forget to enjoy the time we live, there will be no storage of contentment or happiness in our minds. Almost like a cruel punishment that we entitle upon ourselves.

  What is even more distraught nowadays is the mundane lifestyle of kids. Parents are busy and so are these newbies. They are obsessed with staring at cell phone screens rather than creating a childhood. I fondly remember my childhood days filled with excitement and bonded to nature; living with grandparents, aunts, and uncles where every day would be a celebration. After all these years they are not here but I can revisit them, whenever I want. To me, this is a legacy, which is now hanging on the path of extinction. 


Of course, not all memories are positive. Haunting experiences are hardly forgotten. This actually makes the entire phenomenon even stronger. The only way to neutralize those terrifying days is by emerging with the new sun. Creating intricate new designs on the landscape of the mind, cherishing on the fastidious life for a certain time is absolutely worth it. One may particularly argue about the tragedies that scar our lives forever. Death of a loved one or being struck by natural calamities, being the victim of abuse and assault, the prolonged effect that leaves a scar on forever are tough to forget but nonetheless are such instances inevitable. The bitterness can only be replaced by the introduction of new flavors, such to variegation of the palette; enabling us to appreciate whatever we have been entitled to. The paradox of people trying to move on from the ghosts of past and the beauty of creating buoyant tomorrow is harrowing. However, it is an opportunity. A choice to decide what we want our minds to fill with. The thrilling imagery of joviality would always boost us, power through to defeat all negativity and overcome obstacles. When you have already been through the worst, everything that it taught will serve as jewels in the precious corner of experience. 

It is an essential part of a healthy mindset to cushion our deepest falls with the comfort of wins not necessarily of any monetary or stature benefit.  It can be something very simple but such that it brings out inner content and peace. Memories are very personal, it is our very own, a precious possession that we should aim to build on. Such to live our lives for ourselves with or without paradox.

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