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by on December 30, 2018

"Ohhh as the pieces of me starts to unfold,
Now I start to understand, all that I am,
I am a woman- not afraid to be strong!"

Woman- The term woman is usually reserved for an adult, with the term girl or adolescent (teenager). (Wikipedia much?)Let me unfold myself to give you a glimpse of what ordinary or glam girls are in deep. A bit of knowledge who a woman is?
Thinking of any ordinary morning, I wake up, doll myself: winging my eye liners and putting a lip color and most importantly a smile. This is how people would see me/ would like to see me. For whom do I get ready for? People? No, I doll up for myself! This is because people see what I show. No one tries to know about me nor did anyone see what’s behind my smile. People see the way I represent myself more than what I am or who I am. Yes, hiding my pain and putting a fake smile gives me strength. It tells me that I am not weak. These are the pieces of me that say I am not afraid to be strong!

There are days I look up and days I look down. Sometimes I feel alone, though sitting in a crowd. Still, whenever a friend comes to me to Instagram a selfie, I wink overlapping my tears and transforming the maximum curve of my face, I pout. This will give her happiness and will give me a moment free of sadness. Her selfie would get thumbs up, she would like people appreciating her right angled selfie effort. She will be happy. Doesn’t matter deep down what my status is. I love to share happiness! Yes, including this small happiness for others. These are nothing, just pieces of me.

I get abused, I get hurt. My 10th chance to you is always your 2nd chance. This goes for my dad, my friends, my love and almost any and every one. I don’t forget but I do forgive. Doesn’t matter how many times you say “women are complicated” but when I love, I love till there is no love no more! Yes, forgiving, love and kindness; these are pieces of me.
You like a page 3 girl or a potter head, anime lover or a Bollywood bank. I make the woman you see, a good friend or lover anything you want me to be. I can be Mrs. You, I can run your business and give you more fantasies. This is my power; I can change my forms, my identity. These are pieces of me.

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Maisha Tanzim Rahman
Well said apu..an awesome piece
January 18, 2019