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by on January 26, 2019
For Tahseen Nur, passion for the work of Art knows no bound, no wonder his drawings are indeed spectacular and unique. He is an amazing artist who does wonders with the Pen and Pencil when he draws, he tries to capture the characters of his subjects; capturing every single detail so people can thoroughly understand what his drawings explain. Seeing his work you will but have no option than to love it! He is a realistic Artist who uses Pen, graphite pencil, and charcoal pencil to draw. He ...
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by on January 5, 2019
A restaurant generally is a place where food and drinks served to the customer in exchange for money. Some restaurants are unbelievable beauty and touch the heart for its natural beauty and fall in love like the term ‘Love at first sight’. The beauty of nature is not comparable but some restaurants that mixed with nature and turn into a part of nature. Here are some Restaurants with great views that are found sometimes tops of the mountain, sometimes the bottom of the water. 1. Tapasake, Mald...
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