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Posted: 2019-11-16 18:00:00
Chattogram-based Alam Traders received a consignment of 59,880 kilogrammes of Burmese onions at Cox’s Bazar’s Teknaf land port on November 11. The importer paid about Tk 43 for each kg, show...
Posted: 2019-11-16 18:00:00
Police inspector Shakil Uddin Ahamed evaded suspension for over one and a half years even though he had been accused of forgery, land grabbing, and even attempted murder.
Posted: 2019-11-16 18:00:00
A judicial probe has found five police officials, including three additional superintendents of Rajshahi police, responsible in the manipulation of the first information report (FIR) of workers’...
Posted: 2019-11-16 18:00:00
Bangladesh whimper to crushing loss
Bangladesh were handed a thumping innings and 130-run defeat by a strong India outfit in the first Test at Indore after the visitors were bowled out for 213 runs in their second innings.
Posted: 2019-11-15 18:00:00
Rohingyas see a ray of hope
The Rohingyas, who have been facing rights abuses in Myanmar for decades, now see a ray of hope of getting justice following a lawsuit with the highest UN court and the ICC’s approval to probe...
Posted: 2019-11-15 18:00:00
Bhashan Char: UN technical team’s visit postponed
The proposed visit by a UN technical mission to Bhashan Char housing facility for the Rohingyas has been postponed after Bangladesh asked for the terms of reference for the visit.
Posted: 2019-11-15 18:00:00
Abrar begged for his life
Being tortured for hours, Buet student Abrar Fahad became so sick that at one point he could not even speak. He begged for his life by making gestures, but was shown no mercy.
Posted: 2019-11-15 18:00:00
Swechchhasebak League: Council after 7 years amid image crisis
The name says it all. Swechchhasebak League was founded in 1994 so that it volunteers during the political programmes of Awami League and stands beside those in need during natural disasters.
Posted: 2019-11-15 18:00:00
B’baria Accident: Turna driver, two others at fault
A railway probe committee has held the driver, his assistant and the guard of Turna Nishita Express responsible for Tuesday’s fatal accident in Brahmanbaria, that left 16 passengers dead and...
Posted: 2019-11-15 18:00:00
No respite from soaring onion price
There seems to be no stopping the spiralling prices of onion. Each kg of the essential spice was sold for Tk 240-260 in the capital yesterday and the prices kept rising by the hour.

Posted: 2019-11-17 10:39:01
Opposition leader asks followers to keep up pressure on gov't, as President Maduro's supporters also take to streets.
Posted: 2019-11-17 10:16:11
How news outlets that are said to take their editorial orders from Beijing influence media in Taiwan.
Posted: 2019-11-17 09:28:24
A trailblazing journalist at Afghanistan's first all-female TV station tells Al Jazeera her story.
Posted: 2019-11-17 08:57:12
Philippines: Duterte says life taking toll on his health
Philippine leader made the admission as speculation swirls over his prolonged absence from the public eye.
Posted: 2019-11-17 08:56:48
Tight security in Athens before annual November 17 march
Drones, helicopters and 5,000 police deployed for annual rally marking 1973 uprising that often descends into violence.
Posted: 2019-11-17 08:52:46
India, RCEP and the future of economic globalisation
Are we witnessing the end of globalisation as we know it? Plus, inequality in France.
Posted: 2019-11-17 08:37:05
Evictions: Fighting to Keep a Home in Jerusalem, Lagos & Bajamar
From Lagos to Jerusalem and Bajamar in Colombia, people take a stand against evictions in their struggling communities.
Posted: 2019-11-17 08:19:59
Lebanese tycoon Mohammed Safadi withdraws PM candidacy
Reports of the former finance minister's nomination sparked protests in Beirut and Tripoli.
Posted: 2019-11-17 08:16:48
Who should be tackling Bosnia's migrant crisis?
Bosnia says it is struggling to cope with influx of people fleeing war and poverty and taking Balkan route to Europe.
Posted: 2019-11-17 07:42:20
Sri Lanka: Rajapaksa set to win presidency as Premadasa concedes
Ruling party candidate Sajith Premadasa congratulates his main rival for victory in hard-fought election.

Posted: 2019-11-17 10:46:00
Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who led the government's takedown of the Tamil Tigers a decade ago, has been declared the winner of the presidential election. Despite outbursts of violence, election turnout...
Posted: 2019-11-17 10:06:00
The Air Namibia and Korean Air planes were slightly damaged in the mishap on the ground. Germany's Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation (BFU) has launched an investigation.
Posted: 2019-11-17 09:29:00
A top-secret military document shows that the Bundeswehr plans to train Chinese soldiers in 2020. Human rights group Amnesty International says Berlin should take a stand over Beijing's human...
Posted: 2019-11-17 08:15:00
Saudi oil giant Aramco kicks off milestone IPO
Saudi Arabia has formally launched the initial public offering of stock in state-owned oil giant Aramco. The long-awaited IPO is part of plans to move the kingdom away from oil dependency.
Posted: 2019-11-17 05:16:00
Hong Kong: Violence erupts at university campus
Fresh clashes have broken out at a besieged Hong Kong university where anti-government protesters have been camping out for the past several days. The site has turned into a key battleground.
Posted: 2019-11-17 04:54:00
Global Highway: 150 years of the Suez Canal
The Suez Canal was opened 150 years ago. Ever since, Egyptians have had great expectations of the international waterway — it generates significant income, but it also plays a larger role as...
Posted: 2019-11-17 04:38:00
Belarus holds parliamentary polls as Lukashenko balances Russia and the West
Belarusian elections are being watched to see how much leeway authoritarian President Lukashenko gives to opposition candidates. Belarus has sought to balance close ties with Russia and a nascent...
Posted: 2019-11-17 02:10:00
Teachers for Russia brings modern education to rural schools
For many schoolchildren in rural Russia, access to quality education can be challenging. Now, top-tier Russian university graduates are moving to the countryside to become teachers in undeserved...
Posted: 2019-11-16 23:26:00
Clashes erupt in Bonn after nearby neo-Nazi rally
Police in Bonn shut down the city's main train station temporarily after a massive brawl broke out between rival protesters. The violence followed a neo-Nazi rally and large counterdemonstration...
Posted: 2019-11-16 22:42:00
The 'Three Gs' emerge as Germany take step forward
After months of slow development, Germany finally took a visible step forward. While they met their expectations against Belarus, it was the emergence of Ginter, Goretzka and Gündogan that impressed...

Posted: 2019-11-17 11:09:11
An investigation has spoken to 11 British detectives who said that they have found evidence of war crimes as insiders say soldiers should have been prosecuted for the killings.
Posted: 2019-11-17 11:08:36
The Princess of Wales wowed the great and the good of Hollywood when she wore the Victor Edelstein blue velvet evening gown at the state dinner in 1985.
Posted: 2019-11-17 11:01:13
The St Germain Penthouse, which dominates the top floor of Paris' Lutetia Hotel, was designed by Oscar-winning director Francis Ford Coppola.
Posted: 2019-11-17 11:00:41
Boris Johnson surges ahead of Jeremy Corbyn in the polls
A Deltapoll survey for The Mail on Sunday gives the Conservatives a 15-point lead, up from 12 points last week. Liberal Democrat support is down five to 11 per cent.
Posted: 2019-11-17 10:51:35
Jeremy Corbyn refuses to say whether Labour's election immigration plans include freedom of movement
Labour last night agreed its manifesto for December 12's vote and will unveil it on Thursday, after a vote by members at its party conference backed keeping and extended freedom of movement.
Posted: 2019-11-17 10:49:52
Photographer Terry O'Neill dies aged 81 after stellar 60-year career
Legendary photographer Terry O'Neill, who rose to fame after his work with The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, died at home following a long battle with prostate cancer.
Posted: 2019-11-17 10:49:30
Outrage as blind student, 25, is dragged 'by his ankles' out of Oxford Union debating chamber
Ebenezer Azamati was expelled from a debate at the Oxford Union after he attempted to attend a talk on the motion 'This House has no confidence in HM Government'.
Posted: 2019-11-17 10:39:20
Millionaire's son, 26, downs booze in Barbados where he was meant to be seeking 'alcohol treatment'
Oliver George is currently facing a six month jail sentence for possessing an imitation fire arm. He was spotted in Barbados downing boozy shots, where he was meant to be having 'alcohol treatment'.
Posted: 2019-11-17 10:31:35
Israel Folau sermon on same-sex marriage, abortion and Australia's bushfires
Footage uploaded online shows the 30-year-old speaking at the Church of Jesus Christ Church in Kenthurst in  Sydney's north-west on Sunday.
Posted: 2019-11-17 10:31:26
Actor Laurence Fox slams stars who wore 'revealing' black dresses to support Time's Up campaign
Laurence Fox, 41, admits in an interview that his new album criticises 'woke culture', while he even reveals that he wanted to call one of the songs MeToo, but was banned by his record label.

Posted: 2019-11-17 10:16:10
For Sri Lanka's majority Sinhalese Buddhists, president-elect Gotabaya Rajapaksa is best-placed to take on the hard challenge of defeating enemies of the state such as those who carried out deadly...
Posted: 2019-11-17 10:11:50
The top court has upheld the six-month bail granted by the High Court to former Jute Minister Abdul Latif Siddique in a corruption case started by the Anti-Corruption Commission.
Posted: 2019-11-17 09:39:52
A Khagrachhari court has handed the death penalty to a man for the murder of his wife in 2018.
Posted: 2019-11-17 08:21:07
Three missing as ship capsizes after collision with launch in Munshiganj
At least three people are missing after a ship carrying sand capsized in the Meghna River in Munshiganj.
Posted: 2019-11-17 08:13:35
ACC gets six days to grill Jubo League leader Samrat over 'illegal wealth'
The Anti-Corruption Commission or ACC has been given six days to grill expelled Jubo League Ismail Chowdhury Samrat  for possession of illegal wealth.
Posted: 2019-11-17 07:47:18
Millions of ibises were mummified. But where did ancient Egypt get them?
The ancient Egyptians left us with plenty of head scratching. How did they actually build the pyramids? Where is Queen Nefertiti buried? What’s inside that mysterious void in the Great Pyramid...
Posted: 2019-11-17 07:25:15
In Bolivia, interim leader sets conservative, religious tone
The interim leader of Bolivia took power this week promising to unify a nation in turmoil. But she has since stacked her Cabinet with conservative ministers and thrust religion to the forefront...
Posted: 2019-11-17 07:08:32
Over 2.9 million students sit for PEC, Ebtedayee exams
The Primary Education Completion (PEC) and Ebtedayee examinations are underway at around 7,000 centres across Bangladesh.
Posted: 2019-11-17 06:49:47
UN warns Bolivia crisis could 'spin out of control' as death toll mounts
The United Nations warned on Saturday violence in Bolivia could "spin out of control" following recent skirmishes between security forces and coca farmers loyal to ousted President Evo Morales...
Posted: 2019-11-17 06:47:40
India drops plan to let forest officials use force after protests
India has dropped plans to give forest officials the right to use force against indigenous people and open up more land for commercial plantations after nationwide protests.

Posted: 2019-06-19 08:58:26
ছবি : সংগৃহীতবর্ষা মানেই যখন-তখন বৃষ্টি। এসময় খুব গরম যেমন থাকে আবার বাতাসে...
Posted: 2019-06-19 08:57:11
ছবি : সংগৃহীতম্যাচ হারলেই বেশ ক্ষেপে উঠতে দেখা যায় পাকিস্তানের ভক্তদের।...
Posted: 2019-06-19 08:48:48
ছবি : সংগৃহীতসারাদেশে অস্থায়ী দমকা হাওয়াসহ হালকা থেকে মাঝারি ধরনের বৃষ্টি...
Posted: 2019-06-19 08:38:06
কেউ আঘাত দিলে কষ্ট পাই, একলা কাঁদি : পরিকল্পনামন্ত্রী
পরিকল্পনামন্ত্রী এম এ মান্নান। ছবি : সংগৃহীতমন্ত্রণালয়ের কর্মকর্তাদের...
Posted: 2019-06-19 08:21:59
সকালে কর্মকর্তাদের খুঁজলে প্রায়ই পাওয়া যায় না : সংস্কৃতি প্রতিমন্ত্রী
ছবি : সংগৃহীতসকালে মন্ত্রণালয়ের কর্মকর্তাদের খুঁজলে প্রায়ই পাওয়া যায় না...
Posted: 2019-06-19 08:09:18
চাঁদা না দেওয়ায় মুদি দোকানিকে ছুরি দিয়ে খুন
প্রতীকী ছবিরাজধানীর মিরহাজিরবাগে দুর্বৃত্তদের ছুরিকাঘাতে ইউনুস সরকার...
Posted: 2019-06-19 07:48:19
আকাশের গাড়িতে স্ত্রীকে নিয়ে ঘুরলেন ডিসি
ছবি : সংগৃহীতপরিবেশবান্ধব ল্যাম্বোরগিনির আদলে বাংলাদেশি যুবক আকাশের তৈরি...
Posted: 2019-06-19 07:31:58
মাদারীপুরে কলেজছাত্র হত্যায় ৪ জনের যাবজ্জীবন
ছবি : সংগৃহীতমাদারীপুরে কলেজছাত্র অহিদুজ্জামান হত্যা মামলায় চারজনের যাবজ্জীবন...
Posted: 2019-06-19 07:26:57
বিএনপির স্থায়ী কমিটির সদস্য হলেন টুকু-সেলিমা
ফাইল ছবিবিএনপির কেন্দ্রীয় নির্বাহী কমিটির ভাইস চেয়ারম্যান ইকবাল হাসান...
Posted: 2019-06-19 07:18:54
চয়ন হত্যায় ৩ জনের মৃত্যুদণ্ড
ছবি : সংগৃহীতকিশোরগঞ্জের হোসেনপুর উপজেলায় এরশাদুল হক চয়ন হত্যা মামলায় তিনজনের...

Posted: 2019-11-17 10:47:37
'কোনো সন্দেহ নেই দলের কাঠামোগত বদল আনতে হবে। না হলে ফল একই হতে থাকবে। নির্বাচকদের...
Posted: 2019-11-17 10:34:04
গত কয়েকদিন ধরেই সামাজিক মাধ্যমে মানুষের করা মন্তব্য বা প্রতিক্রিয়ার বড়...
Posted: 2019-11-17 08:08:28
বিবিসি প্যানারোমা ও সানডে টাইমসের যৌথ এক অনুসন্ধানে বিশ্বাসযোগ্য প্রমাণ...
Posted: 2019-11-17 05:39:14
সেমিকন্ডাক্টর: ছোট্ট চিপগুলো যেভাবে আমাদের সব কাজ সহজ করে দিলো
যে সেমিকন্ডাক্টর আধুনিক কম্পিউটারের ভিত্তি স্থাপন করেছিল, সেটির আবিষ্কার...
Posted: 2019-11-17 05:28:08
চট্টগ্রামে গ্যাস বিস্ফোরণে ৭ জন নিহত
পাথরঘাটার এক ৫ তলা ভবনে ঘটা এই বিস্ফোরণে নিহতের সংখ্যা আরো বাড়ার আশংকা।...
Posted: 2019-11-17 03:33:13
ঢাকায় নতুন করে আসা নিম্ন আয়ের মানুষের জন্য বস্তি ছাড়া কি উপায় নেই
প্রতিদিন নতুন করে বহু মানুষ ঢাকায় আসছেন। যারা গৃহকর্মী থেকে শুরু করে গার্মেন্টস...
Posted: 2019-11-17 02:34:29
ভারতের বাজার থেকে ভোডাফোন কি বিদায় নেবে?
ভারতের অন্যতম বৃহৎ টেলিকম কোম্পানি ভোডাফোন ইন্ডিয়া রেকর্ড পরিমাণ লোকসান...
Posted: 2019-11-17 01:28:08
তেলের দাম বাড়ানোর সিদ্ধান্তে ইরানের বিভিন্ন শহরে বিক্ষোভ, নিহত হয়েছেন অন্তত দুইজন
বিক্ষোভকারীদের সমালোচনা করে ইরানের সরকার দাবি করছে অর্থনৈতিকভাবে ক্ষতিগ্রস্থ...
Posted: 2019-11-16 16:57:21
ভারতে আবারও নাগরিকত্ব সংশোধনী বিল আনছে বিজেপি
ভারতের উত্তর-পূর্বাঞ্চল জুড়ে ব্যাপক বিক্ষোভের মুখে হঠে গেলেও ক্ষমতাসীন...
Posted: 2019-11-16 15:23:20
বাংলাদেশ কেন পেঁয়াজের চাহিদা মেটাতে পারে না
বাংলাদেশ কৃষি বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের অধ্যাপক ড. মোহাম্মদ জহিরুদ্দিন বলেছেন, প্রয়োজন...