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Posted: 2020-03-29 15:12:08
Researchers at Daffodil International University of Bangladesh claim to have developed an Artificial Intelligence technology that can diagnose COVID-19 by using x-ray results.
Posted: 2020-03-29 14:48:42
Prime Minister Boris Johnson is warning Britons in a letter to 30 million households that things will get worse before they get better, as he himself self-isolates in Downing Street to recover from the coronavirus.
Posted: 2020-03-29 14:40:09
Iran’s coronavirus death toll has risen to 2,640, a health ministry official said on Sunday, as the Middle East’s worst-hit country grapples with the fast-spreading outbreak.
Posted: 2020-03-29 14:35:50
The finance minister of the regional state of Germany’s financial centre Frankfurt has died by suicide amid the coronavirus pandemic that has ravaged global economy.
Posted: 2020-03-29 11:48:21
Malaysia this week arrested hundreds of people for violating restrictions aimed at stemming the spread of coronavirus, a senior minister said on Sunday, amid a spike in the number of deaths linked to the outbreak.