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Posted: 2019-11-08 10:15:00

Rudy Giuliani led 'campaign of slander' to oust ambassador, George Kent told inquiry


House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff, who is spearheading the impeachment inquiry, has been releasing transcripts of the marathon behind-closed-door interviews his team have been conducting so far all week and last night saw the publication of their conversation with State Department official George Kent.


Deputy assistant secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs - as well as a natty dresser - Kent told congressmen and women on Capitol Hill that Rudy Guiliani had led "a campaign of lies and misinformation" to oust US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch prior to her being recalled from Kiev in May. 


"I believe that Mr Giuliani, as a US citizen, has First Amendment rights to say whatever he wants, but he's a private citizen," Kent said. "His assertions and allegations against former Ambassador Yovanovitch were without basis, untrue, period."


President Trump "wanted nothing less than President [Volodymyr] Zelensky to go to the microphone and say: investigations, Biden, and Clinton," the 27-year foreign service veteran also asserts in the transcript, citing Yovanovitch's acting successor, Bill Taylor.


Here's Andrew Buncombe's report.


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